School Song & Prayer

School Song

Pro Deo Ecclesia is the Motto of our school
Pro Deo et Ecclesia
God Bless You, Pratt Memorial School

1. For God and for religion
For the love that dwells above
For the Founders and those whose serve them
We magnify Thy name …..

2. We gather here in our youth
In the morning of our lives
We love Thee O Alma Mater
For hearts praises arise …..

3. For Wisdom, the Arts and Learning
We imbibed so freely here
For spirits so deeply grateful
Our praise echoes so clear …..

For Prattlers who’ve gone before us
And for those assembled here
Our lives are wrought forever
‘Pro Deo Ecclesia’
B.A. (Hons.) T.D., L.T.C.L. (CMT) A.T.C.L., R.S.C.M.

School Prayer

O God who through the love and labour of many,
has built us here a goodly heritage and
crowned our school with honour. We praise
Thee for these thy gifts and for Thy self.

We thank Thee for past achievements and future hope,
beseeching Thee that both, we and all who follow after us,
may learn to live as in thy Presence and service,
through Jesus Christ, Our Lord As we offer all that we have and ourselves to You, O Lord,
grant that we may move forward in our work,
in our understanding for others, and in happiness.

May we be at peace with ourselves and with you.