Rules of Conduct and Discipline

1. School diary is the true record of a student’s academic performance and conduct.
2. Every student must have a copy of the school diary and it must be brought to school on every class-day. A student who does not have her school diary may be sent back home. Losing a school diary is a serious fault. A fine of Rs. 150 is to be paid to get a new diary.
3. No remarks once written in the school diary can be cancelled by anyone other than the Principal. 4. Every student must possess an identity card issued by the school. This card must be renewed periodically. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. Each article should be marked with the pupil’s name.
5. No student will be allowed to leave the school campus during school hours except on the strength of a written request from her parent and due authorization by the Principal.
6. Students are to address their teachers and all members of the School Staff with due respect and politeness. Arrogant and challenging behaviour towards teaching or non-teaching staff is forbidden. On their way to and from school, students must behave in a polite manner.
7. Electronic gadgets. Cell phones, digital watches and diaries, toys, calculators, video games, pen drives, PSPs, DVDs, CDs, portable audio and video devices and any mass storage devices are forbidden in the school. Students who bring any of the above items are liable to be penalized
8. Any damage to school property must be made good by the student concerned.
9. Every student attending school is obliged to take part in choral singing, drill, games and other co-curricular activities organized by the school.
10. It is mandatory for all students to speak only in English in the school campus.
11. The school uniform is a sacred and prized possession of a student. It symbolizes the ethos and culture of the school. of which the student is an integral part. Any violation of its sanctity calls for firm disciplinary action. Visit to restaurants, cinema, multiplexes other public places etc. in school uniform is a serious breach of discipline inviting action. Hair colouring, using styling gel and fash
ionable hair cuts are not allowed in school.
12. No makeup (including streaked & coloured hair) or accessories allowed with the school uniform.
13. A child who is found resorting to unfair means during any examination will not be allowed to sit for the remaining papers and will have her report cancelled.
14. In all matters regarding promotion and detention the decision of the school authorities is final and will not be reconsidered.
15. In case of sickness. The school authorities must be notified in writing. A medical certificate is required to be submitted.
16. No child can avail of leave except in case of emergency. Attendance is strictly taken into consideration for promotion. All leave application to be addressed to the principal.
17. Mobiles, cameras are strictly prohibited in the premises and will be confiscated, if found.
18. Parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the classrooms or meet their wards or teachers during school hours.