Principal’s Message

I Brighten Up My Day

When you make someone happy you really feel like, You have done something good, making someone smile.

I brighten up my day. There is nothing more painful than hearing the cry of a hungry child, serving him food to eat .

I brighten up my day. Surprising someone for no reason, Other than to make the person smile.

I brighten up my day. When I behave well with the lame and helpless people, Putting aside my own selfish needs for a moment, To make someone else feel good.

I brighten up my day. When you show someone that you are trustworthy, You make me feel good, showing this love and affection.

I brighten up my day.

My message to all the Prattlers, “ To have been known as a good and decent person, unselfish, empathetic and sympathetic, of impeccable moral and principle, unquestionable character, respectful of humanity and the world, as one who in the face of accusation, scrutiny and risk never comprise these values , is I think, the greatest honour one could ever hope to achieve in their allotted time on earth.”