Computer Lab

For those interested in Computer Sciences and the studies of one of the most upcoming and leading career opportunities, Pratt Memorial School has a good Computer studies program and also allows aspirants to participate in external competitions as well. There is both inside the School and outside the School learning which takes place.

Chemistry Lab

             OUR SCIENCE LABS

The Pratt Memorial School proudly provides 

Chemistry, Biology and Physics as part of our Subjects in the Science Stream. 

Along with this, we provide great importance to Mathematics as well.

The students of the Science Stream have the privelege to learn through experience as they partake in various lab experiments.

Biology Lab

Physics Lab

Home Science Lab

If your child is interested in the culinary world and displays skills for the same, the Home Science Program at the Pratt Memorial School is one that will grow her in the art of finesse when it comes to preparing a meal.

With a wonderful team of encouraging teachers, you can be sure that your child will thrive should she wish to take Home Science.


Home away from home.

With a fluorishing boarding, the Pratt Memorial School is home away from home for some of our students.

With the ever loving matron by their side and the Lady Principal’s support, the students can really feel safe in the haven of Pratt Memorial School boarding.

We provide 3 meals a day, amenities such as drinking water and bathroom facilities. Rooms where roommates blossom to friendships which are built for life.

The students get to experience the authentic boarding life to its truest sense without distractions.




Reading is one the most important habits to be inculcated in a person.

Here at Pratt Memorial School we believe that the love for reading should be imbibed in all students. 

Our library is currently under renovation and we hope to have it up and welcoming for our students very soon!

Till then, we encourage our students to learn to love reading within the walls of the classroom itself.

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