The Nature Club of Pratt Memorial School was established in the year 2014 for preservation of environment.

The club wants people to realise that the tress, animal and water bodies are not ours to exploit and hence, undertakes various projects to overcome this problem. Since our first installation the club has been working ceaselessly for reaching the highest peak.

Our third installation ceremony took place keeping in mind our this year’s theme – ‘’Waste To Wealth”. The installation ceremony took place in the assembly in front of the middle and senior school teachers and students. All the club members were asked to create something useful out of waste material and all these articles were displayed during the ceremony in the basket-ball court.

Mrs.S.Mukherjee  notified everyone who will be the post holders for the year 2018.

The following posts were given by Our Lady Principal :-

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Joint-Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Joint-Treasurer
  7. Creative Director
  8. Joint-Creative Director
  9. Editor


Our Lady Vice-Principal gave out the outstanding post of 10 Directors. Ms.Mehta  was presenting the sashes to our Vice-Principal.

Soon after this the pleasant installation ceremony came to an end.