Maths is a subject which instigates the mind to think logically. It is the subject which exercises the brain to the fullest. We the members of the maths club aspire to make the students free of the so called “maths phobia”.

We conduct a regular exercise of distributing worksheets containing logical sums. We make sure that every child is occupied with some sort of exercise of this sort at all times. Inspired from the famous mathematician Ramanujan we also had all of our students registered on the Ramanujan website for each of them to have access the standard sums. Our students had set up a maths exhibition on the founder’s day of our school with a lot of enthusiasm to teach our girls the perks of knowing Vedic maths, and the various other practicalities of mathematics. We had also arranged for an excursion to BITM in November to visit the newly founded maths gallery which not only taught us the various patterns that mathematics has to offer  but also the applications of it in physics and in daily life.

The maths club aims to bring mathematics into the favourites list of its students and inspire them to do well in future by making them think logically rather than simply mugging up formulae for the sake of passing an examination.