Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in India. It is the fifth most spoken language in the world and is the official language of the Indian Union. Although today many of us prefer speaking English over Hindi, since English is an universal language and it is a tool of success in the current Globalized world, we must not forget that Hindi is our national language. It is also the mother tongue of majority of our population and it helps us to communicate with citizens from various corners of the country.

Pratt Memorial School has always given equal importance to Hindi language as to English language. Every year we have various competitions, events and occasions held in our school and our girls take active part in them. We have the annual Hindi essay-writing competitions, Hindi elocution, the 15th of August celebrations and many cultural programmes. Even in our school magazines, girls write beautiful stories and poems in Hindi, which attracts readers.

Our club had its inauguration on the 21st of November. It is said that the universe is divided into five main elements – earth, fire, water, sky and air. So keeping this in mind, our club has derived its name from the word “Shristi” which means the creation of the universe and it has five groups under it: earth, fire, water, sky and air which are the five elements of nature and without which our living is impossible. Knowing the importance of these elements, we have given the five categories of our club these names.

  1. “Prithvi”(Earth) – this is the first group of the club. Since our planet earth is symbolized with the colour green, this group of the club is given the colour green. The main function of the club is to train and develop the interest and talent of the primary department children, so that in the near future they can perform well in elocutions, drama, etc.
  2. “Jal” (Water) – we all know that water has the ability to take the shape of any

container in which it is poured. Keeping this in mind, this group of our club is given the name of water and it has the responsibility of drama. Just like how water can change its shape, similarly a dramatist can change itself into the role he/she is given.

  1. “Gagan” (Sky) – sky as we know has no limits, just like our human mind which has no limits and boundaries and can accomodate ample of knowledge. So this group is given the name of sky and its main work is to do all the writing works.
  2. “Sameer” (Air) – This group is given the name of air because air is the medium of sound. So the main task of this group is to prepare students in the field of music.
  3. “Agni” (Fire) – this group has been given the name of fire and its work is to train students in the field of dance.