“It is not the honor that you take with you,but the heritage you leave behind”
The HERITAGE CLUB of Pratt Memorial School was established on 15th June 2016.The club has aimed at helping students understand history and society better by creating awareness, preserving and protecting the HERITAGE as well as the environment. It encourages the students to preserve, maintain and treasure the natural heritage sites which includes our school building which is also a part of heritage site. The club also does social work, by organising peace marches, donating necessary items to the under-privileged children and organising competitions. The club has also undertaken projects on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
Our first activity was initiated on 31st August.That was, the visit to the ‘SISHU BHAVANS’.Five teachers along with the club members of class XI went there.The children were given nutritious food,health drinks and stationaries by us.We spent time with the children and got to about their lives at Sishu Bhavans.
On 9th September,the Heritage Club, organised an ‘ART COMPETITION’ for the under-privileged children.The competition was held in the school hall where the children were encouraged to draw pictures of Saint Teresa.At the end,everyone got prizes.We even found some brilliant artists among them.
A programme dedicated to Saint Teresa was organised on 14th September.It was followed by the Club’s installation ceremony.
During the month of October,the junior classes had gone for a march encouraging ‘SWACHH BHARAT’.The middle school also took part in it with great enthusiasm.
The activities could not have been possible without our inspiring teachers who have always guided the members and motivated the HERITAGE CLUB and made it an active and successful one