Health is a state of complete physical,mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.Good health is the greatest blessing of life.It is the central to human happiness and well-being.
On 25th October 2016,THE HEALTH CLUB,of our school was formed with its motto “Health is Wealth” which states that health is our most valuable asset.The aims of the club were to create awareness among the students regarding sanitation,waste disposal and uses of renewal sources besides general awareness about hygiene and healthy food.
The first activity conducted by the club was THE HEALTH CLUB EXHIBITION on 31st October,which was a huge success.The members of the club participated in the exhibition with great enthusiasm.They displayed models to show the significance of cleanliness,balance diet,recycling and throwing the bio-degradable and non-bio degradable waste separately.Charts were put up on the bulletin boards to provide information about the injurious effects of stress,anxiety and junk foods.Members also calculated the Body Mass and Index(B.M.I) to measure the weight in relation to height and gave diet charts to people who were under weight or over weight.
The exhibition was soon followed by THE HEALTH WEEK,which started on 7th November and ended on 11th November.During the week the club organised yoga sessions for all the classes as it helps to de-stress students and improves concentration.Educational films were shown to the students of class nursery to class V.There were free eye and dental check-ups and each student were provided with a health card after their check-ups.All around the school placards  were placed to spread awareness about the boons of a healthy living.
It is a club which is taking up activities to introduce healthy habits among the students and is likely to have a health canteen to give various information regarding nutrient foods and effects on them  on our health.